Bad Days, Sticky Problems and Kid Spies

I know, including three tips about bad days, sticky problems and kid spies may be a bit much all at once. Even though all three are something worth considering, I’ll try to be more reasonable as time goes on. For now, please press play to listen.

If You Get What You Want

If getting what you want depends on someone else changing, you are likely in for a long wait. Even so, you may succeed without anyone changing. Then what? — Press play to listen.

No One Is Interested, No One Cares

Do you have a good idea or an interesting opinion but figure no one is interested, no one cares? Well, that may be the truth of it; but if you don’t share your idea or opinion, it’s for sure that no one will be interested and no one will care. That is the focus of this over due episode of Something Worth Considering.

Good Will for You and Yours

Usually, an episode of Something Worth Considering focuses on an issue or idea about which we may agree or disagree, but this episode shares a thought where agreement is pretty certain. Please listen and see if you also agree that today’s thought is something for all of us, a notion that we all find to be something worth considering.

Are The Dems Socialists?

I heard President Trump suggesting that the Dems are all socialists who want to turn the US into a socialist country, want to turn to socialism as the form of government. Is there any reality in this notion? Maybe yes and maybe no, so let’s think about it together. I think we can at least agree that it’s something worth considering.

What’s Snickers without the Snick?

I ask you now, “What’s Snickers without the SNICK?” You do know what the snick in Snickers is, don’t you? If not, this episode is not for you. But if you know about the snick in Snickers and find it crunchy and – well – snicky, press play and cry.