A Familiar Pattern

“Wherever we go, across the Pacific or Atlantic, we meet, not similarity so much as ‘the bizarre’. Things astonish us, when we travel, that surprise nobody else.” — Miriam Beard

Whether venturing out to cross an ocean or merely considering what’s already at hand, you are frequently astonished. You see the different, the bizarre, the unusual, the pieces that don’t quite fit. You also see the similarities and common aspects. Many people tend to see most events and situations as new or unique. You attend to what you haven’t seen before, what you don’t understand, those elements that are atypical or unusual. However, you first see the extent to which each event or circumstance fits into a familiar pattern, into the context of prior experience. Whether the fit is slight or more pronounced, the points of congruence with available knowledge and information are your initial reference for thought, perception, and intuition. You move on from there but first use the connection between the past and present to prime the pump, so to speak.


“Don’t make excuses, make good.” – The Famous Anon.

You don’t make excuses for not getting the job done. Since you most always get the job done, the situation does not come up very often. When it does happen that you don’t get the job done, you accept full and personal responsibility for the outcome. Even if circumstances have worked against getting the expected outcome or if someone else hasn’t done what they were supposed to do, you accept responsibility for not anticipating the problem or glitch. You know that, had you been smarter or cleverer, you would have anticipated and handled the situation. Through accepting responsibility and retrospective analysis, both your cognitive and intuitive capacities will serve you better the next time.

Like You Expect

“Look to make your course regular, that men may know beforehand what they may expect.” — Francis Bacon

You treat other people like you expect to be treated. Sure, it’s a “Golden Rule” kind of thing but that isn’t the point here. While other people treat others differently than they expect to be treated and treat some people one-way and others another, you generally have one set of behaviors and attitudes that you use in most all interpersonal situations. Your consistent style with people has one important benefit. It lets you gage conformity and variation in the behavior and attitudes of other people and of specific individuals at different times. This is in part why you are so good at “reading people.” You are the “constant” in the “reading people” equation, while other people are the “variables.”

A Special Six Pack

There is just enough time for one last six pack. This one is special for its six slots contain special ingredients for special people. By this time, you can handle the whole six pack at once and it’s good you are ready to go for the gusto since you are about to learn the secret recipe for creating the loving touch. this special recipe for lovingly combining the time-tested ingredients has been protected and tenderly passed down, hand-to-hand, through the generations.

* Share the loving touch with people who are special to you every chance you get.

Acceptance is the first ingredient in the loving touch. It lets special people know you accept them as is, don’t want to change them, don’t want them to change. You then blend in affection, knowing “too much” applies to many things but never to affection sincerely offered.

As you mix the ingredients with love and sincere good will, gentleness is the secret technique the masters have perfected and you refine in ways conveying the uniqueness of your loving touch. It’s the perfect complement to being fully involved in the moment, without distraction, without reservation.

You have almost got it just right, are nearing perfection; but it still needs a dash of this and a pinch of that: the special spices bringing out the rich flavor of the loving touch. They are spontaneity and playfulness. Your loving touch is always there, only awaiting a gesture, a feeling, the slightest of signs it’s wanted and valued. It sparkles with joy, enthusiasm, and that indescribable but familiar extra in a child’s laughter, a lover’s smile, in the magical connection when special people share the loving touch.