The Shoplifting Principle

In principle, shoplifting is not good; but alternatively, the shoplifting principle is well worth understanding and applying now and then. Have a listen and see if you agree that it’s something worth considering.

Getting It Done

I have been working to improve Something Worth Considering for you. It now has its own website and its own domain: This episode is only to test that everything is working correctly. To do that, I have included a fun musical selection by Kevin MacLeod and included here under Creative Commons license.
You can find out all about Kevin, his totally terrific music and his other activities and products at

Starting with the next episode, I will be back to sharing something worth considering, so for now, just press play and after a few seconds of intro, please enjoy Kevin’s music.

How To Cut The Cord

Do you know what cutting the cord is? For this episode of Something Worth Considering, cord cutting is doing away with cable TV. More to the point, it is doing away with the cable TV bill each month. There are several ways to cut the cord and I have one for you to consider.

Who Helped You Succeed?

Ask yourself, “Who helped me succeed?” Even better, who have you helped succeed? More to the point, who have you helped succeed today? In there is the answer to the question, “Are you a leader?”